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White Water Women

We give women their best chance of success at work by equipping them with the skills, attitudes and confidence to make it to the top in their careers.
We do this through really effective programmes – open or in-house – and focused coaching

New! The affordable, all levels, Women in Business Online programme:

Are you getting the results you want from your diversity efforts? Benchmark your activities, create a specific business case to secure funding and sponsorship, get ‘the real story’ from women, change the culture, involve men.

How do you accelerate the career of emerging female leaders while ensuring maximum retention?
Cohort-based leadership programmes – groups of women learning together over a prolonged period – are the most effective tool to solve this problem.
A six-session programme  for more junior women or those wishing to self-fund their development.  Also ideal for companies wanting to help groups of women who normally would not have access to support.

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