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Women In Leadership

Powerful interventions to develop and retain women
in a corporate environment. Face-to-face or online.

Every company is different, yet many face a similar problem: how to accelerate the career progression of emerging female leaders while ensuring maximum retention?

Cohort-based leadership programmes – groups of women learning together over a prolonged period – are the most effective tool to solve this problem. Not only do the participants develop but this group of ‘formidable women’ has a multiple impact on the business:

  • It signals the company’s intent in this space
  • It increases the women’s visibility and networking ability
  • It engages men into the company-specific debate
  • It provides role models for younger women

Programmes have evolved considerably since our first one in 2005: they can be stand-alone or part of a broader leadership curriculum, local or global, with or without an accompanying business agenda, supported by additional coaching  or not. Programmes can also be delivered online with customised individual support.

Watch this video prepared by our client Subsea 7 outlining their programme in the Oil & Gas sector:

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