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Young Talent Development

Nowadays the most senior, successful women have executive coaches to guarantee the maximum development of their talent. It is usually reserved for a small group due to the investment required and the company pays because they know the return on investment is 6:1 and that is an extremely good deal. Our one-to-one Executive Coaching – for both men and women is detailed here.

However if you are more junior or planning to fund this yourself, executive coaching can be out of your league. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the same benefits through a high quality self-funding programme? We’ve designed just that!

It runs over six sessions: one face-to-face, then five by video/telephone. It also includes advance questionnaires in order to get you started really quickly.

You may consider self-funding for coaching for several reasons:

  • You have recently been promoted and face new challenges
  • You are stuck in a role and want to pro-actively manage your career
  • You are ready for your next level of development
  • You want to boost your confidence and competence in specific areas
  • You want to demonstrate the value of coaching to your organisation and start ‘under the radar’

So if you’ve been hesitating about coaching, you may find that this is just right for you.

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