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Online Coaching

As good as being there in person …

What is it? How does it work?

A package of 6 online sessions (renewable), typically spaced at 4 weeks intervals. Each session is carried out on a video platform. It lasts between 1 and 2 hours depending on intensity and your work style preference.

All coaching relationships start with a discussion of your specific objectives and an assessment of the starting point (e.g. psychometrics or 360 degree feedback). From there we develop a tailored programme. Each intervention starts with agreement on objectives and some homework is carried out between meetings. 

Isn’t face-to-face coaching better?

A coaching relationship is based on a strong rapport between coach and client. 10 years ago video links were dodgy and we never warmed to telephone coaching. Online coaching was reserved for clients we already knew well. With improvements in technology and experience we can create connections and read informal cues and body language as well as in person. Online coaching also gives more flexibility in terms of timing and place with the result of fewer interruptions and a more relaxed client.

 How do you choose your coach? 

If you work for a large organisation, you are likely to be asked to choose between proposed coaches. How do you tell a coach who helps clients to get their results from somebody simply sharing their experience? How can you find somebody who is psychologically competent and who has a deep understanding of business issues? Watch this video for some key tips:

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