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Group Coaching

Group coaching is suitable when a team struggles with a challenging problem or when it is interested in moving towards self-management

Imagine that you are working in a cross-functional group with conflicting interests and no clear path to decision-making. Emotions can run high and participants become overly guarded. Sometimes it feels like some sort of marriage counsellor could be the only solution! Or perhaps you are dealing with a ‘wicked’ problem for which there is actually no answer and you need to harness the collective creative juices of the group to move forward. Another situation may be that you have decided to self-manage as a group but don’t have the skills to get the best each other in all situations.

If you have already experienced executive coaching, you will know how important it is to be in a position of trust with your coach to maximise learning and trying out new behaviours. When a team is in need of coaching, the number of relationships increases exponentially and creating the right space for disclosure and experimentation requires considerable skill. In addition to standard coaching tools, the group needs to understand and practise elements of social psychology. Some of which are already well known to business groups:

  • Groupthink
  • Minority influence
  • Individual values v. group values
  • ‘Prototypicality’ of group members
  • Internalised sense of purpose

In group coaching we work closely with you, facilitating, observing and transferring skills so that you get the best out of everyone, all the time.

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