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Coach Training

Install a coaching culture in your business

An exclusive programme for in-house executive coaches

At White Water we are focused on enhancing leadership behaviours, one leader at a time… Sometimes change is best initiated from the inside. This is a programme focusing on the unique challenges in-house executive coaches face, such as:

  • Equipping them with robust psychology-based skills when they are usually not psychologists
  • Building their confidence in dealing with internal customers who can be more senior and suspicious of internal initiatives
  • Managing the ethical challenges specific to internal roles
  • Getting to robust practitioner level as quickly as possible

A partnership approach, to support transformation/big change

What makes this programme unique is the deep level of partnership between the client and ourselves: by co-designing and co-delivering the programme we are able to substantially accelerate the development and enhance the performance of internal coaches. In a recent example, we were able to provide the equivalent of three years of experience over nine months!

Accredited and recognised

This programme has been accredited by the Association for Coaching to Certificate Level – the highest level consistent with a full time job. By the end of the programme, participants can really start to call themselves Executive Coaches and can use this as a springboard to further professional recognition. The certification is also essential to give internal credibility to the programme.

We are also delighted that our programme has been recognised by the Training Journal as finalists for the UK’s best Coaching and Mentoring programme, as well as by the European HR Excellence Awards.

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