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Aerial view drone shot of rice terrace in Tegallalang Ubud in Bali Indonesia.

Wellness & Spas

It's time for a little self-care.

Wellness & Spas

The Biggest Wellness Travel Trends for 2024

From biohacking beach vacations in Hawaii to sexual intimacy retreats in Spain, our approach to wellness travel is more intentional than ever.
Wellness & Spas

Auberge Resorts Is Collaborating With Sanctum, a Wellness-Meets-Workout Experience

Sanctum wants to connect our minds to our bodies and get us out of the habit of putting our lives into autopilot.

A 48-Hour Itinerary for Córdoba, Spain

This two-day itinerary in Córdoba has everything: Moorish history, flamenco dancing, spa indulgences, and a soup that deserves UNESCO recognition.

What Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Trip to the Maldives Taught Her About Self Care

The mother of two and founder of clean beauty line Rose Inc. opens up about the wellness routines that kept her grounded—and recently sent her flying to her first wellness retreat.

20 Top Destination Spa Resorts in the United States: Readers’ Choice Awards 2023

Condé Nast Traveler readers rate their top destination spa resorts in the United States.

The Vacation Sunday Scaries: How to Make the Return From Travel Less Stressful

Listening to yourself can help you better prepare for your next trip. 

Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Hotel Spa Experience at Home

Eucalyptus shower spray, comfortable robes, and calming teas help set the tone. 

We Tried Out the New Dior Spa on Board the Royal Scotsman Train—Here's What It's Like

Think glossy lacquered walls, the Maison's burgundy Toile de Jouy, and one of the most comfortable spa beds in the world.

The Best Hotels in Costa Rica, From Luxury Glamping Sites to Sustainable Resorts

Beautiful hotels in an even more beautiful place—as chosen by our editors.
Wellness & Spas

Mindfulness Treatments Are the Latest Global Spa Trend—Here's Where to Find Them

From wildlife therapy to sound-bathing techniques in massage sessions, these mind spa offerings are increasingly being tied to body treatments for ultimate rejuvenation.
Wellness & Spas

What It's Really Like to Join an Ayahuasca Retreat Alongside Spiritual Experts

And how to find the right one for you—from remote Mexico to the Peruvian Amazon.
Wellness & Spas

6 New Winter Wellness Retreats for Embracing Winter’s Chill

The latest crop of wellness retreats are embracing the health benefits of snow yoga, downhill skiing, and ice-cold plunges. Here’s where you can reset in nature this winter.
Wellness & Spas

From Trauma Healers to In-House Psychologists, Hotels Are Increasingly Catering to Travelers' Mental Health

The stress of the pandemic prompted a spike in demand for mental health services—and as the need continues to climb, hotels are responding with beefed-up staff and programming.

The 11 Best Spas in New York City

From Japanese Shiatsu massage and a Roman bathhouse to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at a new social wellness club.
Wellness & Spas

In Kerala, India, Reconnecting With Nature Through Ayurveda

A timely  journey across the mountains, beaches, and backwaters of southern India has transformative results.
Wellness & Spas

The Healing Power of Horses

How spending time with horses in the Arizona desert and beyond helped me cope with the anxieties of loss and aging.
Spa Guide

The 13 Best Spas and Retreats in the United Kingdom

From Bath mainstays to Cornwall country houses.
Spa Guide

The 19 Best Spas in London, According to Our U.K. Editors

This is the ultimate guide to the best spas in the English capital.

A Sense of Wellbeing Among the Trees in Mendocino County, California

In Northern California's Mendocino County, where the crashing Pacific meets old-growth forests, encounters with nature are the key to mindfulness.
Wellness & Spas

The Best Palm Springs Spa Retreats for a Desert Wellness Escape

The Coachella Valley’s soothing desert air is a perfect excuse to steal away for a break—and these top spas want you to know the true meaning of an oasis retreat.
Wellness & Spas

This Medi-Spa in Northern Germany Embraces Cutting-Edge Medical Treatments and Natural Healing

Europe's leading medi-spa opens near the shore in north Germany—with its familiar gut-busting results.
Wellness & Spas

The Best Spas for a Weekend Getaway

For when you need some serious self-care.
Wellness & Spas

The 17 Best Wellness Retreats in the World

New year, new wellness frontier—from Connecticut to the Caribbean.

The Best Spas and Retreats for Recharging in the Catskills and Hudson Valley

The region’s resorts have provided relaxing retreats since the 19th century (at least), and more recently are upping the ante.

The Most Beautiful Hotel Room Views Our Editors Enjoyed in 2023

Set your sights on something pretty.

The Best Hotel Breakfasts We Ate This Year

We ate very well in 2023.

The 18 Most Beautiful Hot Springs Around the World, from Iceland to Japan

Consider this the ultimate hot spring bucket list—even if you can't swim in all of them.
News & Advice

20 Best Winter Travel Deals for Last-Minute Trips or 2025 Vacations

Jump on these deals now, so you can travel cheaper later.

Where to Eat, Stay, and Play in the Bahamas

With natural wonders, white-sand beaches, and authentic Caribbean food, the Bahamas has something for every kind of traveler.

In a Year of Record Hospitality Strikes, Women Workers Have Taken the Lead

Women hospitality workers bore the brunt of the pandemic's impact on the industry—and now, they're at the forefront of efforts for better pay and benefits.

Passport Renewal Will Be Far Less Miserable in 2024

For the first time since the pandemic, you can get your passport renewed in as little as two weeks.

We Wore These Boots in Japan, Scotland, and the Cotswolds—Here’s How They Held Up

Palladium’s lightweight boots hit the sweet spot between fashion and function.

Where You Should Travel in 2024, According to Your Sign

Our go-to astrologer, Steph Koyfman, on which destination will speak to you most in the year ahead.