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Leadership Secrets of Theatre Directing

Looking for a more authentic leadership style? Women – and men – for whom the classic ‘hero’ model doesn’t work, are often at a loss and hesitate to try alternative approaches.

Theatre directors use a radically different perspective, yet engage some of the most challenging personalities around. How do they do this…?

In this one-day programme we will reveal, and make you practice, a new leadership approach that is much more in tune with modern requirements; how to motivate a diverse group of people, adapt to fast moving markets and be comfortable with constantly evolving strategy.

You will also explore your own creativity alongside specifically selected techniques from acting. You’ll learn to create the conditions for your team to thrive and, through collaboration, find the boldest answers.

The programme is led by Matt Beresford, Theatre Director and Senior Expert at White Water Group. Themes for the day include:

– Managing your physical impact
– Enhancing your status in novel ways
– Managing in the Moment
– Improvising professionally
– Applying the key principles of acting, whilst remaining authentic
– Advanced listening
– Charisma


Programme Information

Date: Tuesday 1st November 2016

Duration: One day (09.15 – 17.30)

Location: Central London

Programme Fees

£695 + VAT. Restricted to 12 places.

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