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Test your confidence

Test your confidence in a range of work situations.

Welcome to the White Water Women confidence survey.

Test your confidence in a range of work situations.

Select your answer for each of the following questions. Be honest! Don’t spend too much time pondering. Don’t worry about the impression you will make by giving a particular answer. There are no right or wrong answers. The results from this questionnaire will be used to develop your confidence profile.

Workplace Confidence Survey


1. You enter a room full of strangers at a business conference. Which of the following statements best describes your behaviour?

2. In a discussion, you find that your views on a particular issue are at odds with the general tone. In fact, you are in a minority of one. Which of the following best describes your response?

3. How important is your appearance to how you feel?

4. You are working at your desk in the office and somebody is annoyed about something around you. How do you respond?

5. You bump into your boss at a social event. Which of the following best describes your response?

6. You are placed on a project with a very uncommunicative work colleague. What happens?

7. You are up for a promotion at work. The person who will make the decision is in the process of implementing changes that you feel are very damaging to the organisation. It is clear that this person takes a very different approach to yourself. What do you do?

8. You find yourself sitting next to a person you do not know in the staff restaurant. S/he is reading a magazine. Which of the following statements best describes your probable actions?

9. You are demonstrating something on the computer to your boss's boss, and the program does not behave as it should. How do you deal with this?

10. You are giving a prepared presentation to a large group of strangers. Which of the following describes how you feel during your presentation?

11. You are about to take a group of visitors, whom you do not know, on a guided tour of your workplace. As you enter the reception area they are all chatting to one another and not paying attention to your arrival. Which of the following best describes what happens?

12. You meet up with two colleagues for a drink. How much of the conversation is yours?

13. Somebody takes your place in a queue. You say something, and when s/he turns around it is the head of your department. What do you do?

14. A colleague has asked you to play a modest part in their amateur production of a play. How do you respond?

15. You tell a funny, true story to a colleague. Then he introduces you to another team and at some point in the evening, invites you to tell them the story. How do you feel?

16. You walk into a meeting to ask a question, and there is quite a discussion going on. What do you do?

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